Own an electric vehicle but don’t have the proper outlet to connect to? That’s no problem now. Corddepot offers electrical adapters, and extension cords that connect directly to your electric vehicle’s charger. Simply attach one of our pre-wired adapters to the end of your charging equipment and start charging! Each EV adapter is hand wired by a professional electrical engineer, and each unit is inspected before it leaves the facility. Why spend hundreds of dollars hiring an electrician to install a new outlet, when you can use an adapter instead.

Since EV’s are popular, we thought it would be necessary to offer our customers a way to adapt their equipment in a compact, inexpensive way. Since all EV’s need a device called an EVSE to connect them to electricity for charging, it is important to have different adapters for many different situations. Each manufacturer has a different style for their level 1 chargers, or “Charging Stations”, “Charging Cords”, or something similar. This requires most customers to buy an adapter just to plug into their home outlet!

Shop through our full line of electric vehicle charging adapters and extension cords, and find the configuration you need to power your EV. If you don’t see a configuration you need, please contact us. We are professionals at wiring custom cables as well.