Cords that fit Honeywell generators

Get the generator cord you need for your Honeywell generator online! We have all the correct cords that will fit the outlets on your generator. Start by matching the volts from the outlet on your generator, with the cords in the “in stock,” column. The cord that matches should be a direct fit, based on specs from Honeywell. If you like the cord that you see, just add it to your cart and we can have it shipped to you!




Generator Model


Generator Cords In Stock

asdafffff7 6065-0 1600W (120V Straight Blade)
asdafffff7 6066-0 2000W (120V Straight Blade)
asdafffff8 6036-0 5500W (120V Straight Blade)
(120/240 Locking)
asdafffff9 6037 5500W (120V Straight Blade)
(120/240 Locking)
asdafffff10 6038 6500W (120V Straight Blade)
(120/240 Locking)
asdafffff10 6039-0 7500W (120V Straight Blade)
(120/240 Locking)

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Common Questions…


[toggle hide=”yes” border=”yes” title_open=”How do I figure out the AMPS needed for my cord?” title_closed=”How do I figure out the Amps needed for my cord?”]There are a few ways of doing this. But the fastest way to tell what AMP generator cord you need is to look at the outlet you are going to plug into. It will have listed either:

  • A NEMA configuration
  • The Amps
  • Or the Volts

Once you have either one you can use a NEMA chart to find out the amp rating. (Locking Nema Chart) (Straight Blade Nema Chart)[/toggle]

[toggle hide=”yes” border=”yes” title_open=”What is the difference between a locking and non-locking cord?” title_closed=”What is the difference between a locking and non-locking cord?”]We classify a lot of our cords by Locking, and Straight Blade. A locking configuration will have curved pins that when inserted, can be twisted in place to lock the cordset to the outlet.

This type of connection is thought to be more secure, and will prevent a cord from accidental unplugging.[/toggle]

[toggle hide=”yes” border=”yes” title_open=”Do you offer male to male generator cords?” title_closed=”Do you offer male to male generator cords?”]We do not offer these male to male generator cords. Here’s why:

I believe what you are referring to is what we call a “suicide cord.” This is because this type of cable is used to backfeed power back into your home. These kinds of cords are dangerous and we don’t recommend anyone buying / building one. Wire your own transfer switch inlet or have an electrician do it for you, and use a proper Male to Female generator cord.[/toggle]