Marine Grade Plugs & Connectors


For a secure connection at the dock…

Corddepot offers a selection of plugs and connectors that are rated for use in harsh marine environments. They are all: easy to install, durable, and carry a limited manufacturer warranty. Find the most common plug & connector for your marine application online with us and save. We carry a full line of 30 AMP and 50 AMP plugs & connectors for marine use. These parts can be used to fix a damaged cord, or wire a custom cable to your personal preferences. We also carry a line of weatherproofing accessories that will go along with our marine plugs and connectors that help to keep corrosion and water damage to a minimum. Most of these items are UL & C-UL listed, keep an eye out for the listing on each item for details. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] marine-power-pedestal [/twocol_one_last] [hr]

30 Amp Marine Plugs & Connectors

[hr] [fourcol_one] Conntek-60311-L5-30P-30A-3-prong-Generator-Assembly-Plug

[toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”30 Amp Marine Plugs” title_closed=”30 Amp Marine Plugs”]30 Amp marine plugs are normally used with boats that are wired for 125V power and 30 Amps. The typical outlet found on a dock pedestal will be a NEMA L5-30R. These particular models are a NEMA L5-30P and connect to the aforementioned outlet. See all.[/toggle]

[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one] Conntek-60411-L5-30R-30A-3-prong-Generator-Assembly-Connectore [toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”30 Amp Marine Connectors” title_closed=”30 Amp Marine Connectors”]30 Amp marine connectors are normally used with boats that are wired for 125V power and 30 Amps. The typical inlet found on a a boat will be a NEMA L5-30P. These particular models are a NEMA L5-30R and connect to the aforementioned inlet. See all.[/toggle] [/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one] Conntek-17700-F0-Replacement-Weather-Proof-Boot-for-15A-20A-30A-RV-Marine-Generator-Power-Cords-Yellow [toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”30 Amp Marine Boots” title_closed=”30 Amp Marine Boots”]Marine weatherproof boots are used to keep the weather from penetrating the connection to your boat and pedestal. Easy to use, and simple to install. Every marine assembly part listed in this page should be using a marine weatherproof boot for their cords or adapters. These particular models fit cords ranging from 15 amp to 30 amps.  See all.[/toggle] [/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last] Conntek-17760-Replacement-Threaded-Ring-and-Sealing-Collar-for-RV-Marine-Generator-Power-Cords-20A-30A [toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”30 Amp Sealing Rings” title_closed=”30 Amp Sealing Rings”]Sealing rings and collars for marine power cords are incredibly important in creating a secure and weatherproof connection to your boats inlet. Marine threaded collars provide an excellent seal to most existing power cords, and are required for connecting two or more marine cables while retaining a weatherproof seal . See all.[/toggle] [/fourcol_one_last]

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50 Amp Marine Plugs & Connectors

[hr] [fourcol_one] Conntek-60729-SS2-50P-50A-Locking-Plug-125/250V-Marine-Generator [toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”50 Amp Marine Plugs” title_closed=”50 Amp Marine Plugs”]50 Amp marine plugs come in two distinct styles. They will either be 125V or 125/250V. They are both 50 Amps. Please make sure you know the proper voltage of your boat and power source before purchase!. See all.[/toggle] [/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one] Conntek-60731-SS2-50R-50A-Locking Generator-RV-Marine-Connector-4-wire-125/250V [toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”50 Amp Marine Connectors” title_closed=”50 Amp Marine Connectors”]50 amp marine connectors share the same attributes as the plugs. These female side wiring devices will also come in either 125V or  125/250V. Please make sure you check your boat’s voltage rating before purchase. See all.[/toggle] [/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one] Conntek-17701-Replacement-Weatherproof-boot-for-50A-RV-Marine-Generator-Cords [toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”50A Marine Boots” title_closed=”50A Marine Boots”]In order to keep your 50A assembly cords as dry as possible from the elements, you must install a marine weatherproof cord boot. Made of soft PVC plastic, they are easy to install and are a necessity to all marine cord wiring. See all.[/toggle] [/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last] Conntek-17760-Replacement-Threaded-Ring-and-Sealing-Collar-for-RV-Marine-Generator-Power-Cords-20A-30A [toggle hide=”no” border=”yes” title_open=”50A Marine Sealing rings” title_closed=”50A Marine Sealing Rings”]If you plan on connecting more than one 50 amp marine cord, you will need to use the sealing ring system that comes on your cable, with a marine sealing collar. These collars attach to the existing threaded rings on both cord and provide a weatherproof seal. See all.[/toggle] [/fourcol_one_last]

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